Facts About LED Lights

1. What is the advantage of the high-power LED lighting comparing to traditional lighting?

1.High optical efficiency. 

2.Saving energy.

3.Multi-color light. 


 5.Diversity of designs.

 6.Long usage. 

7.Rapid response. 

8.Well-designed structure. 

9.Environment friendly.  

2. What is the Lumen of the current high-power LED lighting?

In the market at the moment the Lumen of a single LED lighting with 1 W is 60-75 LM/W, with small power ones it is 70-100LM/W.

3. What are the essential factors which affects the usage of LED lighting?

1. The usage life of the power supply.

2. The LED light decay and the composed thermal structure itself.

3. The whole package of the thermal design.

4. What do I need to pay attention to if I want to buy a good LED lighting?

1, Is the area of the thermal structure big enough?

2. What is the brand of the power supply?

3.Is the shell of the lamp made of high- quality metal material?

4. Is the light spot uniform without glare?

5. How long is the usage of the battery?

6. Are the certificates of the products equipped?

7. Does the exterior of the product nice and delicate?

8. Are there scratches or other defect on the surface?

5. What is the market position of our company, what's the advantage?

Our company aims at the high level area, providing our clients with creativity, high technology and high-quality low-price products. We've solved the problem of the thermal system and designed delicate models of all kinds of our products. The power supply and the IC which are used in our products are from the best supplies in the world. Besides, we have acquired many independent intellectual property rights for our products.

6. If there's any quality problem with the product, how can we return or change our products?

We have general change policies for change or return products for you.

7.Comparing to other LED companies, what's the advantage of our company?

1.Our product solves the problem of the radiating. 2. Many independent intellectual property rights. 3. The power supply and the IC which are used in our products are from the best supplies in the world. 4. The power supply technique is brought from the IC system of US and Europe to guarantee the usage.

8. What's the advantage of the LED T8 to ordinary lamp tube?

1. Low cost, high effect, the Lumen is above 100 lm/w.

2. Excellent light resolution, good for the reaction and identification from users, no blinking and no harm to eyes.

3. Cold light, no heat radiation, no harmful metal such as mercury, environment friendly.

4. Easy to install, long usage, low cost maintenance.

9. What is the advantage of the LED bulb than the ordinary bulb?

1. Excellent color resolution, up to Ra90.

2. Large chip size lamp beats, Lumens up to 100lm/w.

3. The use of composite materials with thermal function, safe and reliable.

4. The use of cold forged aluminum with high thermal optimum capacity to meet large power bulb.

5. Imported GE uniform diffusion cover, high light efficiency, excellent uniformity.

6. The body of the lamp is delicately designed, with classic touch. Easy to install, simple to adjust.

10. What's the advantage of the LED ceiling spotlights comparing to ordinary spotlights?

1. Only 36 mm height, very light.

2. Integrated thermal design, aluminum structure, to ensure longer usage life.

3. High power with high brightness LED power supply, with high efficiency constant current drive.

4. Using high-quality lens, high concentrating effect, high transmittance.

11. What's the advantage of the LED super thin down lamp than the traditional down lamps?

1. Integrated thermal design, aluminum structure, to ensure longer usage life.

2. Super thin size, the height is only 49 mm.

3. High uniformity, low glare, perfect light effect.

4. Professional industrial design and optical design, to create a elegant optical environment.

12. What's the characteristics of the color temperature of the LED lamps?

The color temperature refers to the color change that human eyes perceive when light wave changes according to different energy. When color temperature of the power supply differs, the color of the light differs too. The color temperature below 3300k creates a warm feeling, between 3000-5000k we call middle color temperature, it creates a smooth readily feeling, above 5000 k it gives a cold feeling. With all kinds of combination of the color temperatures and colors we can create best environments and feelings, such as

Color temperature above 5000k, with cold color (white with blue), cold atmosphere; Color temperature between 3300-5000K: light color for the middle (white), refreshing atmosphere effect; Color temperature <3300K: warm light color (reddish white), steady solemn atmosphere effect.

13. How to judge the effect of energy saving lamp?

When without equipments of instruments, we can only judge with our naked eyes to feel if it's bright, if the energy saving lamp actually save energy. So in this situation we can judge with some comparison. The best way to do is to light up same power two energy saving lamps, try to see which one is brighter. Good energy saving lamps produce rich lights which glares the eyes, bad ones feel more like candles of a T12 fluorescent tube, or even worse.

14. Why when turning on the energy saving lamps, sometimes the tubes are dark, sometimes the tubes are light?

Because the energy-saving lamps are gas discharge lamps, the mercury when just lit is still in the liquid state, sometimes when the energy-saving lamps is in horizon, the mercury inside may flow uneven resulting in brightness varied. After working properly for 1-2 minutes, after mercury turns into gas filling in the tube, the brightness will be even.