LED Downlight

Factors To Consider For Choosing LED Downlights

Incandescent lights not only burn a hole in your pocket, but they also suck the productivity out of employees. A downlight renders an ambient and light throughout the homes or commercial spaces they are used in. Downlights can be used as kitchen lights, living room lights, and even as commercial downlights as well. 

Downlights are enough individually. One can easily blend them with other design schemes like pendants and spotlights.

Downlights are actually recessed ceiling light fixtures that project an intense beam in the downlights. Not only are these lights cost-effective and energy-efficient, but they are also a far better choice than fluorescent lights as well.

Downlights also improved with the evolution of LEDs. LED downlights have evolved for homes, and there is a variety of options available to choose from. It would help if you had a couple of factors clear about the downlights before you buy LED downlights.

Some crucial points to keep in mind:

High Wattage Does Not Mean High Lumens

Lumen output does not vary with wattage linearly. To put it more simply, high wattage does not mean high lumen output. Lumens is the measure of brightness. Two same wattage bulbs can give you a different amount of lumens or the level of intensity.

There are other factors to consider, as well. LEDs consume half the energy compared to fluorescent. A 12-watt downlight can replace 24 watts fluorescent while giving the same amount of lumens.

So when you go out and buy the LED downlights, look for lumen counts instead of wattage.

Mind the Colors

If you do not have a color scheme in your mind about the lighting, you need to decide that first. LED downlights come in a lot of color temperatures. Colors may be aligned with the color pallet of your kitchen, offices, or any other spaces.

Mind The Usage

Depending upon the usage, downlights with different beam angles can be considered. For accent lighting, a narrow beam downlight could be regarded as.

On the other hand, for task lighting purposes, one can consider a wide beam angle lights to facilitate tasks like in offices or kitchens. Downlights can be used to highlight particular objects in your offices, indoors, and outdoors of your home.

Mind The Colour Temperature

Color temperature is measured in kelvins. There are two color temperatures; warm and cool.

If the color temperatures of the light are above 4000k, it is called cool white, and the one below 4000k is called warm white.

Color temperatures can play a decisive role in the productivity of employees. Cool white improves the focus levels, while the warm white relaxes the eyes better than the harsh lighting of old lighting.