Our wide range of wall lamps offers many possibilities.

Carefully executed facade lighting creates an atmosphere, elegance and emphasizes the value and dignity of the building. All of our luminaires are designed to withstand the challenging climatic and weather conditions of the North. In addition, the luminaires are easy to install and connect.

Different buildings are suitable for different facade lighting. Modern buildings, and their parts, can be highlighted differently than older buildings. For example, wedges and light patterns can be used with new and modern building - while in an older building it is better to stick to a more subdued emphasis on details or surfaces. In addition to the age of the building, its color and style influence the choice of luminaires and their color.

Facade lighting can be used to illuminate the surroundings, details or large surfaces of a house. However, facade lighting should not be exaggerated and should not produce light pollution in the environment. A building that stands out too much from its surroundings hardly stands out in its favor.