Shelly 1L

Мany light switches are wired with no neutral present, which makes them difficult to automate. Shelly1L handles this problem because it only needs the hot line.

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Shelly 1L is a recessed switch with input for two pushbuttons for direct control or via scenes etc.

Place it behind an existing switch and you will retain the function and can also control it with your mobile phone or computer. It does not need a zero / neutral conductor, and it only works with phase. Without zero / neutral conductor, a load greater than 20W or a Shelly Bypass is required, which is set parallel to the load. With zero / neutral conductors, it works with all load sizes.

Shelly is compatible with Alexa and Google home, Android and iOS

Supports MQTT, HomeSeer, openHAB, Home Assistant, iBroker, REST, Hubitat, Hoobs, SYMCAN, Domoticz, nymea

Connection diagrams

No HUB required.
Wide range of voltage support.
No neutral wiring required
Great variety of load and light types
Designed to fit in most standard electrical boxes and switches.
It can be integrated to work with all other Shelly devices.
Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and home automation servers using MQTT, CoAP, and REST API.
Easily make your Arduino project live and usable in your automation project.
Power supply AC 110-230V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power supply DC No
Device temperature protection Yes
Overload protection No
Power measurement No
Dimming No
Working without a neutral line Yes
Channels 1 Channel
Maximum load 4.1A (5A for short operation)
Minimum load – no neutral connected, with bypass None
Minimum load – no neutral connected, without bypass 20W resistive load
Minimum load – with neutral connected
Operational temperature 0 to + 40 °C
Device power consumption < 1 W
Intelligent On/Off Yes
Local and remote control Yes
Sunrise/Sunset Yes
Weekly Schedule Yes
UL Listed option No
Capacitive Motor starting capacitors, Generators, Synchronous motors
Resistive Lights, Electric heaters
Dimmable LED Yes
Fluorescent lamps Yes
Fluorescent tubes Yes
Halogen lamps Yes
Incandescent lamps Yes
Neon lamps Yes
Non Dimmable LED Yes
Wireless/WiFi Protocol 802.11 b/g/n
Radiofrequency 2400 – 2484 MHz
Radio signal power 1mW
Range up to 50 m outdoors and up to 30 m indoors (depending on the building materials)
Size 39mm x 36mm x 17 mm

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