Mi-Light FUT036 2.4GHz Single Color LED Strip Controller

1 to 4 Zones Self Repeating RF Single Color LED Controller - FUT036

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Mi-Light radio receiver is a small size device for controlling single-colour LED lighting. 

The device is designed to change the brightness of the connected monochrome LED tape by using a suitable dimmer remote or wifi hub. Connectivity of this device is achieved by radio, it is through it that the receiver communicates with the transmitter. This receiver is compatible with the Mi-light series.

Compatible With Remote control FUT006 and FUT007, Wall Panel B1, Wall panel FUT087

About the zones: You will need at least one Controller per zone. Each zone can be composed of Multiple controllers. If you put More than one controller on a Zone, all controllers will all act as one, thanks to the auto-transmitting/auto-synchronizing feature of this Single Color Controller. If one of the controllers is within the range of your remote control, all the other controllers assigned to the zone with will together. Simply put, you could have a kilometer long of Strips and they will be synchronized given there is a controller every 30m. And yes, this is all done wirelessly! This kind of set up lets you use several power supplies for a bigger set up without losing voltage and brightness.

You no longer need multiple remotes for your Single Color Strips. The FUT Controller family now lets you mix different zones of LED Strips on a single remote. Just make sure that you follow these simple rules to do so: There can only be one type of LED Strips per Zone. So, if you put a Single-Color Strip on Zone 2, all Strips on Zone 2 must be Single Color and will be operated at once.

Model FUT036
Working Voltage 12V / 24V DC
Max output 6A/Channel
Total output Max. 12A
Working Temperature -20 to 60C
RF 2.4GHz
Maximum Control Distance 30m
Output Connection Common anode
Size 119mm x 37.5mm x 22mm

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