LED panels illuminates the space comprehensively and energy-efficiently.

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LED panel luminaire is suitable for use in a modular ceiling, recessed, in a frame or suspended installation. With a powerful LED panel lamp, you create stylish lighting for all spaces. The ultra-thin design ensures suitability for all spaces such as homes, offices and public spaces. The panel luminaire saves energy costs and lights up immediately with full power, enabling intelligent lighting control solutions.

LED Panel 40 W, with white aluminum frame, 1200 mm x 300 mm, 120 x 30 cm, 6000K Daylight

With an average lit time of 2.7 hours per day, the service life is 50 years.

These panels can, with accessories, also be mounted hanging in wires, recessed in ceiling, in T-profile roofs or as surface lighting attached to an external frame. (Optional accessories)

Can be supplemented with 4st 1 meter long wires and brackets or frame.

Dimmable drivers Triac and 0-10V

Power 40W
Energy class A+
Voltage 200 - 240V AC
Light flux 3600 Lumen
Color rendering ≥80Ra
Color temperature 6000K
PF >0,9
Dimmable with accessory
Height 10 mm
Width 1200 mm
Length 300 mm
Spreading angle 120°
Ignition time 0 Sec
Life span 30000 Hours
On/Off 10000 times
Warranty 5 years

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