Polaris E27 10W WiFi RGB+CCT

E27 Smart bulb 7W WIFI RGB+CCT Tuya

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Increase your quality of life with smart lighting products like this E27 smart lamp from Aigostar.

Intelligent lighting that saves energy and is environmentally friendly.

Mobile remote control

WiFi Remote control, you can control the light anytime at home or anywhere.

The lamp connects to an existing WiFi network, so no separate bridge is needed.

Tuya compatible

Product Color Natural White
Model A60
Type Smart bulbs
Size D60*H116mm
Lampholder E27
Power 9W
Voltage 230V
Current 78mA
Frequency 50hz
CCT RGB+3000K-6500K
Luminous flux 800lm
CRI ≥80Ra
PF >0.5
Beam angle 230°
Hg% Zero
Power consumption per 1,000 hours 9kwh/1000h
Incandescent Lamp Power 60W
Life span 25000h
Switching frequency Twelve thousand and five hundred

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