12V led strips light IP20 60LEDS 12V 3000K IP65

2835 12V led strips light IP 65 60LEDS 12 Volt 3000K

Art. No:: 3000K-120-IP65
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Flexible LED strip, with tape on the back for easy installation. Cuttable 2.5cm/ 3 diodes. Dimmable.

Connection at both ends can be cut and used as 2 or connected at one end and be a loop.

Ledstrip IP65 120 pieces 2835 LEDs per meter, 3000 Kelvin Warm White.

Hongli SMD leds. 2 year warranty

To connect to 230 Volts, a 12 volt transformer is needed.

Color Warm white 3000K
luminous flux 800 lumens / meter
Number of diodes 120 meters
Power 9.6 Watts per meter / 48 Watts / 5 meters
Operating voltage 12 Volt DC
LED SMD 3528 Hongli SMD LEDs
Spreading angle 120 degrees
Estimated lifetime 50,000 hours
Width 8 mm
Height 2.5 mm
Dimmable YES

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