LED Batten light 40W

High-quality general luminaire for lighting various spaces or as a plant light

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Powerful and stylish universal luminaire for indoor use with integrated LED module. Perfect for e.g. a garage or basement or for industrial halls and commercial premises. Perfect also for growing seedlings indoors.

Bright corresponds to 232 watts of filament lighting.

At an average lit time of 2.7 hours per day: The lifespan is 35 years.

Size L1200*W74.5*H23mm
Length 1.2m
Power 40W
Voltage 220-240V
Current 180mA
Frequency 50Hz
CCT 6000K
Brightness 4000lm
CRI ≥80Ra
PF >0.9
Beam angle 120°
Hg% <0.1%
Power consumption per 1,000 hours 40kwh/1000h
Incandescent Lamp Power 232

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