LED Rechargeable Headlamp, USB Type C Charging 1200mAh

Useful tool for outdoor activities or working in dark environments

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Technical Data

Power 3W COB + 1W LED
Power supply 1200mAh (included)
Light temperature (CCT) 6000K
Brightness COB - 240lm, LED - 80lm
Range COB - 3-5m, LED - 5-10m
Working time COB - 3h, LED - 6h
Motion Sensor Yes
Dimensions 55 x 35 x 100 [mm]
Material Silicone
Color Black
Lighting modes COB 100% -> COB 50% -> LED 100% -> LED 50%
Sensor mode (press right button) -> wave in front of the light to turn on -> wave again to turn off
IP class IPX2

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