AIRAM ELECTRIC OY AB is well esteemed, privately owned Finnish company. It's line of business is light sources, luminaires and leisure products such as batteries, coolers and thermos flasks. The company's own production covers special purpose lamps and luminaires assemblies.Airam, established in 1921, has a long tradition as a manufacturer and Airam quality has become a household name among end users. The company’s headquartered are located in Kerava, Finland. It's stock keeping units cover around 2000 products, of which c. 400 are lamps.

Airam has been awarded the highest AAA-credit rating. Soliditet Co. has been completing up-to-date credit assessments of Finnish companies since 1993. Companies with a AAA-rating are required to show financial ratios well in excess of the industry average, positive backgrounds and payment history and a sufficient volume of operations. Only 3,5% of Finnish companies hold the highest triple A rating. In addition to the AAA credit rating, Oy Airam Electric Ab has been awarded the Rating Alfa -classification: "The strongest in Finland" by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy (Finland's most comprehensive database of private company information). Only one in ten Finnish companies achieve this class.